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Coco peat

Cocopeat is a particularly stable product capable of free water but at the same time have a great capacity to hold moisture. Besides this, the surface layer evaporates quickly, creating a layer of protection, obstructing the pathogen to the roots. Eco Source is the leading company in the field of acne coconut production. Thanks to the combination of experience and supervision in a special way during the production of a staff of laboratories and skilled workers.

Trade as a discrete block and small bags

The cocopeat is a 100% natural organic product. It is an excellent soilless mix (growing – medium) that can be applied directly or mixed with any type of soil.  He maintains excellent porosity, lightens heavy ground gives better crops with faster developing tools and more flowers, fruits and Vegetables when used properly. These results are noticeable in planting lawns, parks, garden, vegetable gardens and golf courses

Components - 100% coconut dust

Characteristics - PH = 6,15

- EC = 190ms/cm

- Moisture content < 17%

- Organic Matter (dry basis): 89,47%

- Na rate = 0,102mg Na/g


- In 100 litres bags

- In 16 and 20 litres culture bags (anti UV)

Quantity in 40' HC container - 25,600 Kg ~ 25,6 Tons

Uses For soilless culture or in mixture with other substrates.


The following sizes of chips are available in blocks. 8 12 mm, 12 18 mm and 18 24 mm.

Bales of 5 kg or 500g bricks 
Coco-chips are mostly used for flower cultivation like Orchids, roses and to increase air content in potting soil mixtures 
Size : +/- (8mm 24mm)
Output 10-14m3 per ton 
Available as: 
o Washed material, E.C. < 1.0 mS/cm 
o Unwashed material, E.C. > 1.0 mS/cm 

Standard Specifications
20 X 10 X 5 cm dimension 
7 8 liters expansion ratio 
Loading approximately 33,000 pieces per 40 foot container
Compression Ratio 8:1 500g Bricks 
20 X 10 X 5 cm dimension

Loading approximately 30,000 bricks per 40 foot container
Compression Ratio 5:1 5kg Blocks 
30 X 30 X 10 cm dimension 
Loading approximately 20 metric tons per 40 foot container
Compression Ratio 5:1

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