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Coco chips

Fully ecologicalCoco Chips are entirely biodegradable and the production of the chips is in no way harmful to the environment. Natural waist from coconut plantations is being transformed into an ecological product or mulch without deminishing the natural resources of our planet. After rincing to reduce the salt and dust, the chips are sundried. To the contrary, the extraction of peat and forest soil has proved to be devastating for both the landscape and the ecosystem.

Coco Chips have two main fields of application. On the one hand, they are being used as a soil-improver, a perfect substitute for peat. The high rate at which the natural peat reserve is being exploited, entices us to keep the remaining peat polders as protected areas, and subsequently raises the need for an alternative product.

On the other hand, Coco Chips are being used within the field of hydro-culture, as an alternative for other, less environmental-friendly products, such as rock woolglass fibreagrexfoam, etc...
A revolutionary productThanks to a unique production process, Coco Chips are a very clean product without impurities such as graines of weeds, fungi or bacteria. The pH is reduced to between 6 and 7 and the Chips' E.C. to less than 0.5 ms/cm. Coco Chips can absorb and retain up to 8 times their own weight of water.

Henceforth, Coco Chips meet the highest standards applicable to horticultural substrata in the world.
  Coco Chips are made out of the empty husk which encloses the coconut.
  Empty husks are brought in from the surrounding coconut fields.
  After being cut in pieces, the chips are selected by their size: finesmalland medium.
  Consecutively, the chips are washed in order to obtain a pure product.
  Spread out on vast fields, the chips are then sundried.
  Finally, the chips are pressed into bales and prepared for shipping.
  As a soil improver, Coco Chips retain the water in poor and sandy soils and improve the structure of heavy soils. The Chips can be applied to the soil before sowing a lawn, arranging private or public gardens and golf courses.
In hydroculture, to grow flowers, vegetables and ornamental plants.  
  To grow potted plants in Coco Chips alone or in a mixture of chips with other substrates yields excellent results.
As a groundcover, apply Coco Chips to cover the area of a riding school, to build natural paths in gardens and woods and to mulch the soil between young plants in order to suppress weeds, to reduce maintenance and to keep moist in.  

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