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Oil QWERL® 263

Dầu Cán Nguội -(Quaker)

QWERL® 263 là dầu cán nguôi được pha loãng trong nước và áp dụng để cuộn nghiền tĩnh trong dòng như một giải pháp để loại bỏ tạp chất rắn từ cuộn và dải bề mặt.
Nó được thiết kế với khả năng chống ăn mòn nước tốt và khả năng tương thích với các loại dầu phòng ngừa rỉ sét. QWERL® 263 cũng cung cấp dầu bôi trơn cho các phần mở rộng điển hình lên đến 1,5%.
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QWERL® 263 is diluted in water and applied to in-line temper mill rolls as a solution to remove solid contaminants from the roll and strip surface. It is designed with good trapped water corrosion prevention and compatibility with rust preventive oils. QWERL® 263 also provides lubrication for typical extensions up to 1.5%.


A major producer of automotive-quality steel needed to increase the surface roughness of its galvanized sheet to meet its automotive customer’s specification. The company was using an in-line
temper mill with high roughness rolls in order to meet this specification.
Because of zinc transfer to the rolls and rapid reduction of their roughness, the mill was only able to run one or two coils per set of rolls and brushing was required to remove zinc deposits.
The company was looking for improvement in:
» Roll life
» Mill downtime
» Brush life


Temper fluids represent a very minor part of the total steel processing cost. Typically less than 1%. This case illustrates the importance of the
-    52% reduction in roll changes
-    Elimination of delays due to brush changes
-    67% reduction in water consumption

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