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Oil Quakertek 320 I

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 Grease specially developed to provide an excellent performance in a wide temperature range and high pressures. In general industrial applications the use of QUAKERTEK™ 320 I grease is recommended for lubrication during long periods in all kinds of bearings and roller bearings working at medium to low speeds, with moderate loads and high   temperatures.

As it has low ash content and is highly resistant to oxidation and corrosion at high temperatures, it is especially suitable for iron and steel plants, for use in thermal and annealing furnaces, rolling trains, continuous casting machines, coolers and roller tracks, etc. Very suitable for centralized lubricating systems of bearings in screen cement coolers and rolling bearings in screwed feeders for hot material in the cement industry.

It can also be used, with excellent results, in asphalt spreading machinery and in construction as well as wherever a lubricating grease with high pressure properties is needed, with a working temperature from -20 to +150º C, with peaks up to 200ºC.

Typical Characteristics

Colour Brown
Thickener type Lithium complex
Solid additives No
Base oil, viscosity at 40ºC, ASTM D-445, mm²/s 460
NLGI Grade 1-Feb
Worked penetration 60 strokes ASTM D-217, 1/10mm 300
Dropping point, METTLER FP-83HT, ºC 288
Penetration change after 100,000 strokes, ASTM D-217, pts 15
Copper strip corrosion (24h/100ºC), ASTM D-4048 1b
Emcor test, DIN 51502 0-0
Four ball machine  
Wear scar (1h/40kg/75ºC), ASTM D-2266, Ø, mm 0.4
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