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Dầu Nhớt Castrol Anvol PE 46 XC

Dầu Thủy Lực Chống Cháy (Castrol)
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Anvol PE 46 XC is a high performance fire resistant hydraulic fluid which is primarily intended for use in steam turbine governor and boiler control systems. It is based on triaryl phosphate esters selected for their excellent hydrolytic stability and contains carefully selected corrosion and oxidation inhibitors.  It has excellent hydraulic performance and provides good fire risk protection.


Anvol PE 46 XC is suitable for use in hydraulic systems where, in the event of leakage or pipe fracture, there is risk of fire and where water containing fluids are unsuitable due to temperature limitations or other reasons. It is specifically designed for use in the electro-hydraulic governor control systems of steam turbines, including systems using fine tolerance servo valves. Anvol PE 46 XC was developed to eliminate service problems in high pressure systems resulting from spool valve erosion/corrosion - fluid leakage and loss of response - by possessing the properties known to minimize this effect, notably high resistivity, low chlorine content and a high level of fluid cleanliness. Physical properties such as foaming, air release and demulsibility are also carefully controlled within turbine manufacturers’ specified limits.

Anvol PE 46 XC meets the requirements of: BS EN ISO 12922:2002 Class HFDR

BS EN 61221:2004 (IEC 61221:2004) Category ISO-L-TCD

Factory Mutual Group 

. General Electric GEK 46357

. Siemens TLV 9012

. Alstom HTGD 690 149E

. Alstom SBV PR 1001 B

. Alstom (UK) TCS 970

. Ansaldo 602W917, TGM 1911.


Features and Benefits

Offers good fire risk protection in systems where fire resistance is vital and where water containing fluids are unsuitable due to temperature limitations or the need to maintain a high hydraulic system pressure.

High flash point, fire point and auto-ignition temperature provides excellent fire resistance. High resistivity eliminates spool valve corrosion/erosion due to electrokinetic effects.

Low chlorine level minimizes valve erosion.

High level of fluid cleanliness - minor amounts of particulate contamination can cause abrasive wear, filter blockage and valve sticking.

Long record of trouble free service in highly demanding hydraulic control systems on turbines.

Technical Data


Name Method Units Anvol PE 46 XC
Density at 15°C ISO 12185 / ASTM D4052 g/ml 1.12
Kinematic Viscosity at 40°C ISO 3104 / ASTM D445 mm²/s 43
Kinematic Viscosity at 100°C ISO 3104 / ASTM D445 mm²/s 5
Pour Point ISO 3016 / ASTM D97 °C -21
Flash Point, COC ISO 2592 / ASTM D92 °C 268
Fire Point, COC ISO 2592 / ASTM D92 °C 368
Autoignition Temperature ASTM E659 °C 575
Foam Sequence I Tendency / Stability ISO 6247 / ASTM D892 mls/mls 30/0
Air Release @ 50°C ISO 9120 / ASTM D3427 mins 1
FZG (A8.3/90) ISO 14635-1 / DIN 51354 FLS 7
Chlorine Content IP 510/04 ppm 2
Volume Resistivity@ 20°C IEC 60247 Mohm/m 160
  7th Luxemburg Report Section 3.3.2    
Wick Ignition - Persistence of Burning   Secs 5
Spray Ignition (Spray Flamability Parameter)      
  Factory Mutual   Group 1
      No flashing or burning
Hot Manifold at 704°C AMS 3150C    


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