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Oil Fuchs Renolit Superplex 2010 #1

Mỡ Bôi Trơn (Fuchs).

RENOLIT Superplex Series nhôm phức tạp, áp lực cực (EP) mỡ được xây dựng với chất lượng cao cấp, hydrotreated nặng,polyme và các chất phụ gia chống oxy hóa.
RENOLIT Superplex Dòng mỡ có độ bám dính tuyệt vời để bảo vệ bề mặt kim loại cung cấp chất bôi trơn liên tục trong khi hoạt động.
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 Renolit Superplex Series are aluminum complex, extreme pressure (EP) greases formulated with premium quality, severely hydrotreated, base stock, polymers and anti- oxidant additives.

Renolit Superplex  Series greases have excellent adhesion to metal surfaces providing continuous lubricant protection while in service.

Advantages / Benefits

High Temperature Performance

Inherent Reversibility

Excellent Water Resistance

Very Shear Stable

Extreme Pressure / Anti-Wear Protection


 Heavy industrial applications subject to high heat, shear, and water.

Steel processing equipment such as Continuous Casters, Hot Strip Mills, Mill Roll Neck Bearings, Spindles, Couplings, and Gearing.

Miscellaneous applications requiring a high temperature, water resistant, tacky grease.


Typical Inspection Data

Product Name Renolit Superplex #1    
Product Code 3.0011E+11    
NLGI Grade 1    
Thickener Aluminum Complex    
Texture Tacky / Smooth    
Color Black    
Penetration, Worked 60X 325 0.1 mm ASTM D 217
Penetration, Wrk 10,000X 339 0.1mm ASTM D 217
Dropping Point 500+ (260+ )Min. ºF (ºC) ASTM D 2265
Water Spray-Off @ 100°F 8 % loss ASTM D 4049
Water Washout, @ 175ºF 2.7 % loss ASTM D 1264
Rust Test Rating Pass Pass / Fail ASTM D 1743
Copper Corrosion 2c   ASTM D 4048
Roll Stability (Standard) 5.1 % change ASTM D 1831
Modified Roll Stability (25ml of Water) -1.7 % change ASTM D 1831 M
Combo Shear Test      
Blender Phase      
(40ml water absorbed) -4 % change LT 46
Modified Roll Stab Phase (0ml water absorbed) 5 % change LT 46
4-Ball Wear 0.68 mm ASTM D 2266
4-Ball Weld 315 Kgf ASTM D 2596
Timken OK Load 30 lbs ASTM D 2509
USS Mobility @ 0ºF 5.5 gms/min USS
Base Oil Characteristics      
Viscosity @ 100ºC 14.96 cSt ASTM D 445
Viscosity @ 40ºC 211 cSt ASTM D 445
Viscosity Index 58   ASTM D 2270
Flash Point 405 (207) ºF (ºC) ASTM D 92
Fire Point 420 (215) ºF (ºC) ASTM D 92
Pour Point -15 (-26) ºF (ºC) ASTM D 97
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