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Dầu Nhớt Idemitsu Daphne Super Hydro 100A

Dầu Thủy Lực (Idemitsu)

Daphne Siêu Hydro Một loạt các chất lỏng thủy lực kẽm tự do đã được xây dựng với cơ sở dầu thủy lực xử lý rất tinh tế cùng với các phụ gia chống mài mòn, chống oxy hóa và các chất phụ gia khác để cung cấp hiệu suất cao trong hệ thống thủy lực.
Drum : 200 Lít
Pail : 20 Lít
Price per Unit (KG): Call for price



Daphne Super Hydro A series of Zinc-free hydraulic fluids have been formulated with highly refined hydro-treated base oil together with anti-wear, anti-oxidant and various additives to provide superior performance in hydraulic systems.


This series of hydraulic fluid is suitable for all hydraulic power units including the advanced high- pressure hydraulic power units, which operate with higher thermal load.


Excellent Heat ResistanceOxidation And Thermal Stability - A highly refined hydro treated paraffin base oil and anti-oxidant assures excellent oxidation and thermal stability and reduce sticking problems caused by formation of sludge. Prevents sludge formation in the hydraulic tank and filter.

Extended Oil Change - Much longer oil change interval compared with those Zinc anti- wear type hydraulic fluids.

Excellent Anti-Wear Properties - Addition of special anti-wear agent assures excellent anti-wear properties to reduce maintenance down time.

Excellent Demulsibility - Extremely quick separation with water prevents it from emulsifying with water makes it most suitable for preventing machine parts from rust and corrosion.

Low Pour Point - Addition of pour point depressant reduces power loss and warming up time, ensuring energy conservation.

Packing : 

20L pail, 200L drum


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