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Dầu Nhớt Idemitsu Daphne Super CS Series

Dầu Bảo Trì - Máy Nén Khí (Idemitsu)

Daphne Siêu CS Series là một dòng sản phẩm cao cấp . Là dầu bôi trơn để sử dụng trong xi lanh và cacte của máy nén khí kiểu pittông. Nó đặc biệt với công thức tinh chế dầu gốc parafin kết hợp và hợp nhất với chất phụ gia khác nhau như chất ức chế quá trình oxy hóa, chống rỉ sét phụ gia, chống tạo bọt, tách nước và các tinh chất nhơn tác nhân.
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Daphne Super CS Series is a range of premium lubricating oil for use in cylinder and crankcase of reciprocating type air compressors. It specially formulated with highly refined paraffinic base oil incorporating various additives such as oxidation inhibitor, rust prevention additive, anti-foaming, water separation and oiliness agents.


Specially formulated for use in cylinder and crankcase of reciprocating type air compressors. It can be used as wet type air filter oil.


1. Narrow Distillation Range - Combination of highly refined base oil enables the oil to have better oxidation stability that reduces impurities and carbon residues/deposits which will in turn prevents contamination and hence that improves it’s service life.

2. Excellent Water Separation - Able to withstand long continuous operation.

3. Excellent Control Of Carbon & Deposits - Prevention of fire and explosion hazard from the control and reduction of carbon formation and deposits.

4. Excellent Anti-Corrosion & Anti-Rust Properties - Effective rust preventive agent and corrosion inhibitor prevent corrosion caused by water and acid produced through deterioration process.

Corresponding to SAE number and application Daphne Super CS 68: SAE 20 : Air Compressor Daphne Super CS 100 : SAE 30 : Air Compressor

* Note: Not to be used in Rotary Air Compressor.

Typical Specifications

Available Grades ASTM METHOD 46 68 100-S
Colour D-1500 L1.5 L1.5 2.5
Density 15 °C g/cm³ D-4052 0.885 0.8951 0.8875
Flash Point (COC) °C D-92 232 236 270
Viscosity, cSt @  40 °C D-445 45.19 66.42 100
@ 100 °C   6.303 7.498 11.33
Viscosity Index D-2270 82 64 99
Pour Point °C D-6749 -15 -20 -10
TAN (mgKOH/g) D-974 1.41 1.41 1.44



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