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Oil Mobil Velocite HP 24

Dầu Nhớt Ngành Dệt May (Mobil)

Các sản phẩm Mobil Velocite HP là loại dầu khoáng chất lượng cao cấp được thiết kế với các chất phụ gia có chuyên môn cao để đáp ứng nhu cầu của các máy dệt kim. Họ có sẵn trong năm cấp độ nhớt, Mobil Velocite HP 22 (ISO VG 22), Mobil Velocite HP 24, Mobil Velocite HP 32 (ISO VG 32), Mobil Velocite HP 46 (ISO VG 46) và Mobil Velocite HP 68 (ISO VG 68).Những loại dầu được nghiên cứu dành cho bôi trơn kim, chì lưới và cơ chế webcam của máy dệt kim tròn và máy dệt kim.
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Product Description

The Mobil Velocite HP series are premium quality mineral oils designed with highly specialised additives to meet the needs of the knitting machines. They are available in five viscosity grades, Mobil Velocite HP 22 (ISO VG 22),  Mobil Velocite HP 24, Mobil Velocite HP 32 (ISO VG 32), Mobil Velocite HP 46 (ISO VG 46) and Mobil Velocite HP 68 (ISO VG 68). These formulated oils are ideal for the lubricating of needles, sinkers and cam mechanisms of circular knitting machines and hosiery machines.

Features and Benefits

Mobil Velocite HP oils have a high thermal stability and will remain water white when exposed to heat over a period of time. Mobil Velocite HP oils have very good anti-wear properties to protect the needles against wear and assure their long life. Mobil Velocite HP oils also protect all lubricated parts against rust.

If the lubricant is applied by a mist lubrication system, Mobil Velocite HP is formulated to minimise stray mists at the point of application.

The following features of Mobil Velocite HP knitting machine oils can provide these benefits:

    Excellent lubrication and protection of moving parts, helping to reduce downtime and energy loss
    Excellent oxidation stability and anti-wear properties retards deterioration, promoting extended oil life
    Enhanced colour stability ensures product minimises fabric staining
    Good washability due to its high emulsibility with water helping to reduce cost of manufacture
    Reduced probability of stray mist when applied by a mist lubrication system at the point of application


    Mist lubrication system
    Oiler to the needles, sinkers and cams, jacks of circular knitting and hosiery machines.

Typical Properties


Mobil Velocite HP  24
ISO Viscosity Grade  24
Color, Saybolt  28
Density @15C, ASTM D 4052, kg/L  0.864
Kinematic Viscosity  
@ 40C  25
Pour Point, C, D2270  -9
Flash Point C, ASTM D92  212
Appearance  Clear, Water White 
Rust Prevention 24 hour test  Pass 


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