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Dầu Nhớt Castrol Anvol WG 46

Dầu Thủy Lực Chống Cháy (Castrol)
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  Castrol Anvol WG 46 is an HF-C type water-glycol fire resistant hydraulic fluid, fully meeting the requirements of the 7th Luxembourg Report. Castrol Anvol WG 46, being a true solution of glycol in water, is inherently stable, has a long storage life and does not suffer from the separation problems which sometimes arise with emulsion type fire resistant fluids.


 Anvol WG 46 has excellent fire resistance and anti-wear performance as is recommended for use in power transmission applications where there is a significant risk of ignition in the event of fluid leakage, such as furnace door and die casting machine hydraulic systems. Castrol Anvol WG 46 has good compatibility with most common seal materials and it is normally a simple operation to convert an existing system from mineral oil as a consequence.

Fearture and Benefits

 High water content

Cannot be ignited in the NCB spray ignition test

True solution of glycol in water

Excellent anti-wear performance and outstanding corrosion protection  ( Vickers V104 Vane Pump Test)

Gives excellent fire resistance

Has no flash point unless all the water is driven off. In the event of spillage a blanket of steam if formed which prevents the glycol component from coming into contact with air and igniting.

Excellent stability in service and gives a long

storage life.

Long component life


Typical Physical Charateristics


Appearance  Hazy red fluid
Kinematic Viscosity @ 0ºC, cSt  405
@ 40ºC, cSt  46
 @ 60ºC, cSt  24
Viscosity Index >200
Relative Density @ 20ºC 1.067
Pour Point, ºC -51
pH @ 20ºC 9.2
Water Content, % 36
Air Release Value @ 50ºC, mins 7
Foaming Characteristics Tendency/Stability, mis 10/Nil
Rust Protection Distilled Water Pass
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