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Dầu Nhớt Condat Mecagreen 450

Dầu Gia Công Kim Loai - Cắt Gọt Pha Nước (Condat)
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Following the success of the MECAGREEN range of coolants, CONDAT launches in the same series MECAGREEN 450, a new generation of soluble oil. In 2009 CONDAT launched a range of machining coolants “MECAGREEN” a unique blend of vegetable esters which marksan important evolution in terms of green chemistry! New MECAGREEN coolants are built form a 100% vegetable ester platform. This "green" chemistry is not only a big hit with customers but also allowed CONDAT to rapidly expand its market position in machining and grinding in North America by providing a clean running, low carry off, high lubricity fluid to the industrial markets. As our experience grows with the vegetable esters CONDAT continues to drive innovation through offering the next generation soluble oil “MECAGREEN 450”.As with all the MECAGREEN range of coolants the MECAGREEN 450 is 100% composed of vegetable esters (renewable raw materials as the mineral base oil is replaced by a vegetable base).This next evolution of blended vegetable ester chemistry allows up to pack the maximum content of synthetic esters into solution thus providing excellent lubricity for the most difficult machining and grinding applications on all types of materials (aluminum and aluminum alloys, steel, stainless steel, copper, ...). MECAGREEN coolants allow customers to realize important savings: at least 30% compared to a conventional coolant because they offer advantages in terms of tool life and reduce lubricant consumption (better draining). Free of harmful molecules (chlorine, DEA, nitrites, bactericides releasing formaldehyde, phenol derivatives, heavy metals
and silicones) as for the entire range

MECAGREEN 450 is also Boron and bactericide free as we stay well in advance of current and future chemical restrictions. We maintain the biostability of these fluids through preservatives, paraffin free, which maintain stability from harmful bacteria. In addition to improving the lubricity of the product CONDAT focused on enhancing the user experience of operators by offering a coolant non-sensitizing and non-irritating

MECAGREEN 450 allows getting cleaner machines and working parts
could be clean with a solvent without residue or white corrosion (yellow metals).
MECAGREEN 450 is a safe and green solution for all of your metalworking operations!

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