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Dầu Nhớt Fuchs Renolin B Hvi

Dầu Thủy Lực (Fuchs)
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Proper function and safe operation of the hydraulic system is heavily influenced by the quality of the spa facilities. In addition to the transfer task force, the working fluid must be sealed, cool and lubricate. Since hydraulic oils are exposed to high stress due to operating conditions, they must perform a large number of requests.

Oil RENOLIN B HVI series is built using very aging resistant mineral oil and additives. They are zinc-containing lubricating oil HVLP hydraulic and general according to DIN61524.


HVI series is particularly recommended for applications where a start-up low viscosity at low temperatures and higher viscosity at higher temperatures is required. They are particularly suitable for all applications in mobile hydraulics and industrial demands an HVLP according DIN51524-3 oils with a wide range of service temperatures.

 Count EP, and thus protect against wear One of the functions of a hydraulic oils is to perform even complex reduces lubrication function machines such as pumps, bearings and components emphasize very other. Efficiency and service life of such machinery depends largely on protecting the oil supply in mixed friction areas. RENOLIN B HVI series of oils containing EP additives reduces friction and thus protect sliding surfaces against wear.

The DIN51389 "Mechanical testing of hydraulic fluids in rotary vane pump" test standard anti-wear properties of hydraulic fluid. All of the oils in the RENOLIN B HVI series through this test and all achieved load stage 12 in FZG cake Rig Test A / 8.3 / 90 (DIN51354).


RENOLIN B HVI RANGE has these advantages:

• Low foaming tendency

• The exhaust good

• Resistance to aging

• Protection against corrosion

• Acts of viscosity at low temperatures very good

• Good corrosion resistance

• High viscosity index

• Wide temperature range service

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