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Dầu Nhớt Fuchs Renolin CLP 460

Dầu Bánh Răng -Thường (Fuchs)

Sản phẩm RENOLIN CLP 460 là loại dầu bánh răng công nghiệp của thế hệ mới nhất, có đặc điểm nổi bật cực áp và chịu một tải trọng rất cao . RENOLIN CLP 460 là loại dầu bánh răng công nghiệp với đặc tính khử oxy hóa tuyệt vời mà có thể được sử dụng trong tất cả các loại ổ răng kèm theo hệ thống bôi trơn tuần hoàn.
Với công nghệ mới nhất đảm bảo chất phụ gia bảo vệ và bao bọc tốt nhất và khả năng chống ăn mòn tuyệt vời.
Drum : 205 Lít
Price per Unit (KG): Call for price



Heavy duty - EP - industrial gear oils of highest performance, outstanding extreme pressure characteristics and load carrying capacity

The RENOLIN CLP 460 products are industrial gear oils of the latest generation, having outstanding extreme pressure characteristics (EP/AW properties) and an extremely high load carrying 

capacity. They are industrial gear oils with excellent demulsifying properties which can be used in all types of enclosed gear drives with circulation or splash lubrication systems.

The RENOLIN CLP 460 products offer extraordinary wear protection.

They surpass the requirements in the standard FZG A/8,3/90 scuffing test as well as the more severe FZG test A/16,6/140 double velocity - 16.6 m/s - and increased starting oil sump temperature - 140ºC). The RENOLIN CLP 460 products offer an extremely high micropitting protection (load stage “high” in the load stage test as well as the endurance test).

They offer excellent wear protection for roller bearings. The wear rates in the FAG FE8 test are extremely low under these extreme test conditions (7.5 rpm, 80ºC, 80 h, 80 kN).

Latest additive technology guarantees excellent wear protection and excellent corrosion protection (steel and copper-containing materials) The RENOLIN CLP  460 products have good elastomer 

compatibility, stressed static and dynamic elastomers are lubricated and protected from wear. The lifetime of the components is increased. RENOLIN CLP 460 oils can improve

equipment reliability and increase productivity.


 The RENOLIN CLP 460 oils are recommended for industrial spur-, helical- and bevel enclosed gears with circulation or splash lubrication, operating at oil temperatures up to 100ºC and peaks 

above (up to 120ºC).

The RENOLIN CLP 460 oils can be used for all applications where lubricants of the CLP type according to DIN 51 517-3 are recommended by the gear manufacturer. These products meet and in many

 cases exceed the new requirements of well-known gearbox and bearing manufacturers. The RENOLIN CLP 460 oils are particularly suited for gear sets working under heavy load or shock load. They

 also can be used in non-gear applications including highly loaded, low-speed plain and rolling contact bearings. These mineral oil-based products are designed to provide high quality,

 latest additive technology of industrial gear oil formulation. They meet the latest industrial standards of well-known OEMs. RENOLIN CLP is approved by company Flender.


 Excellent corrosion protection

Low foaming, excellent air release

Excellent demulsifying properties (water and watercontaining fluids are rapidly separated)

High oxidation resistance

Extremely high load-carrying capacity, extreme pressure-, anti-wear performance

Excellent bearing wear protection (under mixed friction conditions) – FE8

Excellent protection from scuffing, excellent wear protection - FZG

Excellent micropitting resistance in the load stage and endurance test

High Brugger wear protection

Excellent elastomer compatibility (static and dynamic)

Good compatibility with paint materials


The RENOLIN CLP 460 oils meet and in many cases exceed the requirements:

DIN 51 517-3 (2004): CLP

ISO 6743-6 and ISO 12925-1: CKC / CKD

AGMA 9005/E02: EP

AIST 224

David Brown S1 53.101

The products of the RENOLIN CLP 460 are approved for example by:

A. Friedrich Flender AG, Bocholt, Germany, Flender BA 7300, table A

Müller Weingarten AG, Germany DT 55 005, 10/2003


Typical Properties


Characteristics Unit   Test Method
ISO VG   460 DIN 51 519
Kinematic viscosity      DIN EN ISO 3104
at 40ºC mm2/s 460  
at 100ºC mm2/s 30.4  
Viscosity index - 95 DIN ISO 2909
Density at 15ºC kg/m3 901 DIN 51 757
Colour ASTM 5.5 DIN ISO 2049
Flash point ºC 270 DIN ISO 2592
Pourpoint ºC -12 DIN ISO 3016
Neutralisation number mgKOH/g 0.6 DIN 51 558-1
Demulsibility at 54ºC min - DIN ISO 6614
Demulsibility at 82ºC min 25 DIN ISO 6614
Copper Corrosion Degree of corrosion   DIN EN ISO 2160
3h, 100ºC (100 A3)   1  
Corrrosion protection - steel Degree of corrosion   DIN ISO 7120
Procedure A: dist. water   0  
Procedure B: sea water   0  
Foaming      ASTM D 892
Seq. I ml 0/0  
Seq. II ml 0/0  
Seq. III ml 0/0  
FZG A/8, 3/90 gear test rig  failure load stage   DIN ISO 14635-1
Start temperature: 90ºC   >14  
FZG A/16, 6/140 gear test rig failure load stage   DIN ISO 14635-1
Start temperature: 140ºC   >12  
FZG-GFT* test GT-C/8, 3/90 GF Class GFT high FVA-Information
Load stage test     Sheet No. 54/I-IV
FZG-GFT* test GT-C/8, 3/90 GF Class GFT high FVA-Information
Endurance test     Sheet No. 54/I-IV
FE8 wear test, D7, 5/80-80     DIN 51 819-3
Roller wear mg <5  
Testing in mixed friction area according to Brugger N/mm2   DIN 51 347-2
Timken OK load Lbs 95 ASTM D 2782
4-Ball EP test N >2400 DIN 51 350-2
Weld load Kg >250 ASTM D 2783-88
Elastomer compatibility     Fuchs in house test
 according to DIN ISO 1817 and according to Flender
- dynamic and static:      
72NBR902 (1000h, 80ºC-dynamic)      
75FPM585 (1000h, 90ºC-dynamic)   pass  
75FKM17055 (1000h, 90ºC-dynamic)      
SRE-NBR 28/SX according to DIN ISO 13226
(100ºC, 7 d static)
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