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Dầu Nhớt Quakertek Alhena - 1 EP

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QUAKERTEK ALHENA - 1 EP is a synthetic grease made for lubricating large ball and plain bearings working at medium and low speeds and subject 

to high vibratory loads. Its application is most recommended for bearings with a C/P operating time ratio below 10 and an operating temperature 

between -30 and 160ºC (up to 200ºC peaks). It is specially suitable for automatic lubricating systems

The extraordinary water repellency of QUAKERTEK™ ALHENA - 1 EP prevents any alterations in   consistency and favours a uniform film thickness 

in the entire range of application temperatures,     providing high performance and lubricant economy in water-cooled bearings or subject to 

saturated   vapour, such as in paper machines, and for lubricating rolling and sliding parts in continuous castings,     roller tracks, 

throwing-off devices, chills, rolling mills, heat treatment furnaces and, in general, all kinds of parts subject to very high temperatures and 

heavy   loads.

Main Benefits

QUAKERTEK™ ALHENA - 1 EP is made of a mixture of synthetic fluids thickened with complex lithium    soap and high-technology additives to bring 

the highest elastohydrodynamic performance possible in the field of mixed friction within a wide range of temperatures. The additivation provides

 the grease anti-wear and extreme pressure features, as well as corrosion protection, excellent thermal and chemical stability, water repellency 

 and compatibility with all elastomers normally used in joints, seals and bearing cages.     The high viscosity of the base fluid, combined with 

 the anti-wear and extreme pressure additives, offer tribochemical protection against wear for very long periods of  time.


The structure and quality of the complex lithium thickener attain a better adherence, structural stability and water repellency whilst 

preserving the smoothness and flow properties at high and low temperatures, making this grease into a high-safety and efficient option for 

automatic lubrication systems.


QUAKERTEK™ ALHENA - 1 EP has no polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, and is totally free from heavy organometallic compounds (lead, barium, 

antimony, etc.) and from chlorine derivatives, thus being an “environmentally friendly” grease.



According to DIN 51825: KP EHC 1/2P-30. According to ISO 6743-9: L-X  CEHB-1/2


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